Science Emporium

This free website is intended to support teachers of science in secondary schools or colleges who are delivering Pearson Edexcel GCSE, A level and ELC science qualifications.

The Science Emporium contains all the most popular and useful documents available, to help you to deliver your courses. These include past papers, mark schemes and examiner reports. In addition to these we have other resources such us our interactive pdfs for our UK GCSE Science course, that will assist you in the delivery of this crucial part of the course.

We aim to build a vibrant science teaching community, so we have purposely set up subject forums so you can grow your network. These are places where you can interact with other teachers and share great ideas from across the UK and beyond, who are delivering the same qualifications you are.

The more people join the better it will be, so please share the Science Emporium’s mission with others!

The Science emporium is just getting started and there may be some ‘bumps in the road’! We’re always keen to hear how things can be improved for you, so please use the ‘contact us’ button if you have any ideas to make things better.

Thank you – and welcome to the Science Emporium!

How to get in…

To request an account, click on Login/Register. Ensure you supply a valid centre email address in for verification, your centre name and centre number. You must have an Edexcel Online account before you register for the Emporium. Your Exams Officer will be able to set one up for you very quickly.  This site is for teachers only – so no students will be granted access.

Once we have established you are a teacher at a registered centre, we will activate your account and an automatic confirmation email will be sent. This email will include your username, so please save it somewhere secure.

If you do forget your username, you’ll be able to log in using the email address with which you registered.

If you forget your password, you can use Forgot your password? to reset your password.